Ways Of Measuring The Number Of Foreign Particles In The Gas Turbine Engine Air Intake

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Robert Khachidze
Andro Maisuradze
Vazha Kelikhashvili


The article analyzes the problems of creating a device for measuring the physical and geometric parameters of foreign particles in the air intake device of aircraft gas turbine engines and suggests possible solutions based on various physical principles.

The flow in the air intake, which contains solid bodies together with the air, is considered as the two-phase flow in the pipe (gas / solid bodies) and the appropriate method is selected to measure the solid phase parameters in the flow under the above conditions. The measures required to establish a device for measuring the total number of masses of foreign bodies in the air intake equipment of aircraft gas turbine engines.

Gas Turbine Engines, Air Intake Equipment, Two-phase Flow, Measuring Device, Concentration of Heavy and Light Components in Flow
Published: Mar 9, 2023

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