Quantitative Assessment Of Aviation Emissions For International Airport Zones In Georgia

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Robert Khachidze
Kartlos Chokheli
Avtandil Svianidze


This article discusses the ICAO-recommended method for determining the amount of pollutants emitted from the engines of civil aircraft aircraft and calculates the levels of carbon monoxide (CO/CO2), unburned hydrocarbon (CnHm) and nitrogen oxides (NOx/NO2) emissions for international airport zones in Georgia, which will be emitted during 2022 summer flight schedule. Our research addresses the necessity of investigating and assessing the ecological hazards in the airport zones caused by the pollutants emitted from the engines.

Air Emissions, Air Pollution, Mass of Polutants, Airport Area, Standard Take-Off Cycle, Aircraft Engine Operating Mode, Exhaust Gases, Emmision Index
Published: Mar 9, 2023

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