Modern Technologies & Human Performance Taxonomy in Air Traffic Management Development Polish and Georgian Case Studies

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Nika Tikanashvili
Antoni Kopyt


The Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP) is a flexible global engineering approach that allows all States to advance their Air Navigation capacities based on their specific operational requirements. One of the most important problematic part for successful implementation of the GANP is innovative air traffic management system and aircraft on-board technologies effective interrelationship taking into consideration human factors.

The research work is focused on the creation of methodology for comparison gap between Air Traffic Management (ATM), aircraft modern on-board systems and aviation professionals’ competencies. One of the problem in the implementation of the new technologies is that, there are currently no unified requirements for all categories of ATM, and on the other hand, the development of modern trends requires new competencies from operational and maintenance personnel. This problem becomes even more noticeable in countries that have just started an active modernization of ATM systems.

This paper examines the expertise of human performance specialists and the tools they use have been recognized as key ingredients to advance ATM infrastructures in the process of modernizing the national air traffic control systems. Research oriented to the Polish and Georgian case studies, as in both counties quickly improves the ATM technologies the development of personnel skills is critical. As a result, taxonomy of key human performance issues for the design and integration of large-scale future ATM programs is proposed.

Air Traffic Management, Avionics, Human Performance, New Technologies
Published: Mar 9, 2023

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