Study Of Domain Wall Pinning In The Rare Earth-Free Permanent Magnets Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Method

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G. Mamniashvili
G. Donadze
T. Gegechkori
T. Gavasheli
A. Maisuradze
V. Kelikhashvili


The possibility of using of the modified nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technique for studying of the domain wall pinning in cobalt micro powders and micro- and nanowires is demonstrated. In particular, information about the domain wall pinning in cobalt nanowires is useful for the fine tuning of the magnetic properties of the rare earth-free magnets.

The pinning force of domain walls was studied by NMR two-pulse echo method in combination with an additional magnetic video-pulse depending on the magnetic video-pulse duration and an outer steady magnetic field value in cobalt micro powders for the first time. The comparative study of the two-pulse echo dependence on the magnetic video-pulse amplitude in cobalt micro- and nanowires was also carried out.

Nuclear Spin Echo, Magnetic Video-Pulse, Two-Pulse Echo, Rare Earth-Free Permanent Magnets, Domain Wall Mobility
Published: Mar 9, 2023

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