Modeling of a plate with an elliptical hole under axial load considering plastic deformation

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S.N. Bliadze
S.S. Bliadze
N.S. Bliadze


One of the problems in the study of rupture theory is the study of the stress field in the area of specific concentrators. From the point of view of practical application, stress concentration is mainly found, not only in the area of sharp change in stiffness, but also in the area of holes. The solution of the concentration problem is further complicated by the physical nonlinearity of the material resulting from the loads. In this article, an infinite plate with a central longitudinal hole, specifically elliptic, under axial load is discussed. The purpose of the article is to create a diagnostic model in the software complex FEMAP, the solution of which will allow us to estimate the concentration zone (spreading area).

stress, concentrator, stiffness, finite element
Published: Dec 11, 2023

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