Studies and practical steps for the development and improvement of Georgian aviation technical terminology

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S. Tepnadze
N. Tikanashvili
R. Khachidze
V. Kelikhashvili
M. Osadze


As a result of the rapid development of aviation and the aviation industry, completely new technologies and technical means have been developed in recent years, which have been introduced and are successfully used all over the world. Accordingly, new aviation terms and concepts of international importance came into use. It has become necessary to find their Georgian equivalents or to create new ones, which has recently been implemented by various agencies and organizations in parallel, but without agreement with each other. The joint work of aviation specialists and linguists in this direction became necessary.

The article discusses the stages of development of aviation terminology in Georgia, examines its current state and outlines the ways of its further development.

aviation terminology, dictionary, translation, term bank
Published: Dec 11, 2023

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