Analysis of The Statistics of Injuries Caused by Birds Getting into The Engine When They Collide with Aircraft and Estimation of The Costs to be Incurred for Their Elimination

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R. Khachidze
A. Maisuradze
G. Tsutskiridze


The article discusses the statistics of injuries caused by the collision of birds with aircraft and its analysis is carried out.

The research is based on analytical, structural, trend, grouping and comparison methods. During the dynamic analysis, a comparison of each indicator of individual parameters with the previous period is used. Basic indicators are used for the analysis, in particular, the data of any past period, which may be presented as a percentage. At this time, each subsequent year is compared to the base year and deviations are determined. Dynamic analysis is also called horizontal analysis.

Air incidents and their consequences caused by birds getting into the aircraft engine are isolated and studied. Estimated direct and indirect costs for restoration and repair of damaged engine parts or entire engines. The initial data required for the example calculations are taken from a database created by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for aviation incidents during the years 1990-2022. Statistical materials are widely used in the work, published in Georgia and from the database of foreign publications.

aircraft, bird strike, engine damage, economic loss, expenses incurred
Published: Dec 11, 2023

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